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I will be your wonderful photographer for your special day, whatever that might entail. I call myself momma to a very handsome and intelligent 8 year old man, a beautiful little red headed princess who is turning 7 and happens to be my best birthday present ever, and a darling dirt covered monster who is 5 who loves to eat, snuggle and pretend he's a puppy. They are my life.

Right now, I am not actively shooting due to a back injury. Bending and twisting has been too difficult, but someday I hope to be able to get back to photography which is my joy and happiness throughout life. I still shoot for myself and my kiddos and keep this page as a permanent storage. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or to ask for some recommendations.

I am a freelance photographer who uses ALL manual settings, ALL the time- including my lighting. I love photography. It is my passion in my life and I love being able to express so many emotions in just one image. It’s an amazing talent that I hope I will never lose, especially with journaling my own kids life. Lifestyle is quickly becoming one of my favorite past times while I raise them. My favorite photography is travel photography. Documenting adventures is so much fun!

I pride myself on delivering an assortment of beautiful keepsakes to everyone I have the pleasure of working with. My style is consistent, as is my quality. My images are sharp, in focus, clean and beautiful. The colors are always vibrant and crisp. I prefer to do as little editing as possible to retain the original colors.

My most recent accomplishment is having an image I took of my son published in Art of Visuals Magazine in their April 2016 issue. They contacted me to ask if they could publish this photo they had seen on my instagram. What an honor. But even more crazy was when I received my magazine, he had a full page- I had assumed it would just be one of the tiny little images. It is beautiful! I’m ridiculously proud of this shot and my little Dark is over the moon excited to be in a book.

I chose the name Tea Marie Photography because I go by the nickname Tea (pronounced like the drink and/or letter T) and my middle name is Marie and it just flowed so easily together. I also love that the initials TMP not only stands for Tea Marie Photography, but also Too Many Photos, which if you know me you know that it is the cold, hard truth.

Up until 2014, I shot Nikon. I have used both a D80 and a D7000 for many moons. I am proof that it does not matter what type of camera you own, it is the person behind it that creates the beautiful images. I now shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV and III and my go-to lenses are the canon 135 2.0 and the 70-200 2.8 II. They are so dreamy and every time I get them out to use them my heart pitter patters and it is hard to breathe.

I have been taking photos on a more professional level for over ten years now and it is my joy to be able to capture moments to last a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoy and cherish every second I am behind my camera working my magic. I love being able to go to receptions and see my photos printed big and beautifully displayed. I love seeing mom’s get teary-eyed when they see their photos of their cherished babies. It’s all so amazing to me.

I work hard to get the best possible photos and spend much of my time making sure your images are more perfect than you could have imagined. Okay, let’s be honest, I do edit, but most of it is straight out of camera with just minor adjustments. I pride myself on getting things right the first time around so I really just enhance a few things and voila! A beautiful work of art ready to hang on your wall.

I have never taken any photography classes or had even held a DSLR camera until the day I bought my Nikon D80, so I work on pure, raw talent. I have worked hard and learned from my own mistakes and am able to produce consistently beautiful photos in every situation. My pictures definitely speak for themselves- if you want to see some big and gorgeous in all their glory, just ask!

In my spare time I also love to do graphic design (especially invitations and extras for parties and logos), party planning, play with my children, sew, quilt, read, travel and see/document new places, be outdoors in any way possible, and photograph my children’s every-day adventures. I am obsessed with cacti and the desert, having alone time, and Lomo Saltado from our favorite Peruvian restaurant, Se Llama Peru in Provo, Utah.

I prefer Coca-Cola in the glass jars with cane sugar but will do a Dirty Dr Pepper too. Lach Gummi's are my all time favorite candy and will make me love a person beyond belief- I also love Milk Duds and tropical flavored Gushers. I love McDonald's french fries too. I'm a somewhat cool person.

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